Andreas Grant 

Andreas Grant

Andreas plays Sergeant Backman, National Swat Team, in acclaimed TV-series Gåsmamman this autumn (2019), has a leading role, opposite the main cast, as Chief of Secret Police, Terry Ling, in the first two 2 episodes of Swedish/German Crime success MARIA WERN, TV4, (2018). He played an angry car owner, where he improvised a scene with outstanding Swedish comedienne Maria Lundqvist, one of the films two lead actresses, to great effect, in HEARTBREAK HOTEL, by Swedish blockbuster director Colin Nutley. In SVT comedy series PLAYA DEL SOL he plays 'Tobias'.

He has played the lead in around 50 commercials since the mid 90's in the UK, Spain and Sweden.

Andreas has had Secret Service and weapons training for film, through Warner Bros.

Voice Over work include most of the Swedish TV stations, both for documentaries and infotainment, plus the international V.O. network, Blok Media.

He lived in New York for half a year and in London for 6 years.

He is also a scriptwriter and director working both commercially and as an independent.

Andreas has international experience of film acting, commercials, as a V.O, model, and stage performer.

Andreas Grant was discovered through street casting in the mid 90's. His first commercial was for Ray Ban sunglasses and a string of international brands, amongst them; Volkswagen, Carlsberg, Renault, IKEA, HSBC, Heineken (as part of the Bond SKYFALL Campaign) followed.

Andreas has no formal acting training and loves to improvise.

He can be seen, this autumn, as a recurring panel member, in new Swedish literary show, hosted by Daniel Sjölin (former host of SVT literary show BABEL) at the start of the launch of COMHEM, Sweden's largest web provider's new cable TV station.